John Ennis

Artist – John Ennis  (Birth Name) / aka Sollog / Sol Adoni / Rex Luciferius

Price RangeAAA+



Born  – 1960

Death – Living

Country – USA

Media – Oils, Watercolors, Charcoal, Pastels, Markers, Crayons, Photography, Digital Artist, NFT Artist, Video Producer, Filmmaker, Author and Musician.

Genre – Occult, Minimalism, Dadaism, Abstract, Symbolism, Cave Art, Primitive, Ancient Symbols, Occult Symbols,

Notes: World famous as a modern seer or prophet similar to Nostradamus there are Millions of Fans all over the world of the Founder of TOH (Temple of Hayah) the fastest growing religion in history, considered a modern prophet like Moses and Muhammad, famous for the SOLLOG Prophecies, vast holdings in Crypto and Businesses. Child Prodigy Abstract Artist hung in a major museum as a young school age student. Heavily into NFT’s the creator of many NFT Projects including Crypto Gods and Crypto Goddesses. His site is one of the busiest sites in the world with more traffic than museums, galleries and big name artists. His most famous work is his God Equation aka The Creator Formula valued at $10 Billion which is now the main draw of FRACTI a fast growing Crypto Coin that uses 1 Million Free Copies of the work as a draw to get new members. His work in physics has completely upset our understanding of Black Holes which he claims are not holes but recycling zones or fields that break down all matter and energy into protons and plasma. See THEORY E .org.

Beware of John Ennis Portrait Painter he is not the valuable artist John Ennis.


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